Updated 21 July 2021

NBA Finals Game 6

Proj : Our Projections
Vaue : Simply Projections/Salary
FT-Pref : An adjusted value, taking into account not only salary but some advance stats
Own% : An estimation of the Ownership% for each player on the 5 Euro GPP
Last 5 : Average Fantasy Points in the last 5 games
Ceiling : 75th percentile performance
Floor : 25th percentile performance
Std Dev : The Standard Deviation of the players Fantasy Points for the season
Boom% : Probability of achieving 3.5x+10 fantasy points

NamePosTeamSalaryProjValueFT-PrefOwn%FormFloorCeilStd DevBoomStatus
Giannis AntetokounmpoPFMIL17.262.63.647.564.0%62.755.271.810.926.2%expected
Khris MiddletonSFMIL13.045.43.495.735.7%43.938.753.89.113.0%expected
Devin BookerSGPHX12.945.23.505.734.0%42.838.652.89.514.2%expected
Chris PaulPGPHX12.244.03.615.838.3%38.937.152.59.317.9%expected
Jrue HolidayPGMIL12.442.53.435.332.0%43.536.048.58.910.7%expected
Deandre AytonCPHX11.238.93.475.129.0%40.632.644.39.113.1%expected
Jae CrowderPFPHX8.325.43.063.321.7%
Mikal BridgesSFPHX7.
Brook LopezCMIL7.120.42.872.629.0%20.915.824.86.21.7%expected
Pat ConnaughtonSGMIL6.517.72.722.224.7%21.213.422.86.11.1%expected
Bobby PortisPFMIL5.917.73.002.537.0%
Cameron JohnsonSFPHX5.615.92.842.131.0%17.211.720.05.80.8%expected
Cameron PaynePGPHX5.515.22.772.030.0%14.611.
P.J. TuckerPFMIL5.113.42.631.830.0%13.19.816.85.60.6%expected
Torrey CraigSFPHX4.
Jeff TeaguePGMIL4.37.81.810.86.7%5.34.713.33.70.0%expected
Frank KaminskyPFPHX4.31.70.400.10.7%
Jordan NworaPFMIL4.31.30.300.00.3%
Sam MerrillSGMIL4.

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