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Updated 18/03/2023
Saudi Arabia GP

NamepositionTeamSalaryProjWin OddsAvg PointsValue
Max VerstappendriverRed Bull3360.478.1%30.31.8
Sergio PerezdriverRed Bull27.549.115.4%24.51.8
Fernando AlonsodriverAston Martin25.545.510.0%22.91.8
Charles LeclercdriverFerrari28.539.83.4%5.11.4
Carlos SainzdriverFerrari23.539.54.8%21.21.7
Lewis HamiltondriverMercedes24.534.52.4%18.31.4
George RusselldriverMercedes2234.52.4%15.91.6
Lance StrolldriverAston Martin20.526.71.5%15.61.3
Esteban OcondriverAlpine17.526.31.0%2.31.5
Pierre GaslydriverAlpine1626.31.0%10.41.6
Alexander AlbondriverWilliams1017.40.1%10.01.7
Lando NorrisdriverMcLaren13.516.90.1%5.41.3
Red Bull RacingctorRed Bull813.591.7%6.81.7
Valtteri BottasdriverAlfa Romeo16.512.30.1%13.30.7
Guanyu ZhoudriverAlfa Romeo12.512.30.1%4.11.0
Aston Martin F1 TeamctorAston Martin6.511.711.1%5.81.8
Nico HulkenbergdriverHaas1111.40.1%6.41.0
Kevin MagnussendriverHaas11.511.40.1%5.31.0
Alpine F1 TeamctorAlpine57.52.0%2.01.5
Haas F1 TeamctorHaas46.20.1%3.01.6
Alfa Romeo RacingctorAlfa Romeo55.80.1%3.31.2
Nyck De VriesdriverAlphaTauri55.40.0%3.41.1
Yuki TsunodadriverAlphaTauri9.55.40.0%8.20.6
Oscar PiastridriverMcLaren7.53.80.0%-2.30.5
Logan SargeantdriverWilliams6.53.60.0%5.70.6


Updated 18/03/2023
Saudi Arabia GP

PositionNameIDRoster PositionSalaryGame InfoTeamAvgProjValue
CNSTRAlfa Romeo Racing27096120CNSTR4300Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023AR9 44.64 0.10
DMax Verstappen27096095CPT21000Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023RB36.4 41.25 0.51
CNSTRAlpine F1 Team27096119CNSTR5200Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023ALPN2 35.27 0.15
DFernando Alonso27096098CPT14400Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023AM21 31.53 0.46
DCarlos Sainz27096099CPT13500Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023FERR18 29.94 0.45
DMax Verstappen27096075D14000Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023RB36.4 27.50 0.51
DSergio Perez27096096CPT16800Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023RB19.3 26.94 0.62
DGeorge Russell27096101CPT11400Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023MERC7 26.55 0.43
CNSTRFerrari27096116CNSTR10900Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023FERR12 24.04 0.45
CNSTRAlphatauri27096124CNSTR3000Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023AT2 23.46 0.13
DPierre Gasly27096106CPT8100Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023ALPN13 21.82 0.37
DCharles Leclerc27096097CPT15300Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023FERR-5 21.45 0.71
DFernando Alonso27096078D9600Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023AM21 21.02 0.46
DCarlos Sainz27096079D9000Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023FERR18 19.96 0.45
DLewis Hamilton27096100CPT12600Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023MERC16 19.13 0.66
DSergio Perez27096076D11200Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023RB19.3 17.96 0.62
DGeorge Russell27096081D7600Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023MERC7 17.70 0.43
DLando Norris27096104CPT9000Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023MCL3 16.54 0.54
DAlexander Albon27096107CPT7500Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023WILL10 16.52 0.45
DLance Stroll27096102CPT10200Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023AM9 15.78 0.65
DGuanyu Zhou27096109CPT6600Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023AR2 15.02 0.44
DKevin Magnussen27096113CPT4800Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023HAAS8 15.02 0.32
DPierre Gasly27096086D5400Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023ALPN13 14.54 0.37
DCharles Leclerc27096077D10200Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023FERR-5 14.30 0.71
DEsteban Ocon27096105CPT8700Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023ALPN-3 14.28 0.61
DLewis Hamilton27096080D8400Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023MERC16 12.75 0.66
DYuki Tsunoda27096112CPT5100Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023AT8 12.02 0.42
DLando Norris27096084D6000Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023MCL3 11.02 0.54
DAlexander Albon27096087D5000Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023WILL10 11.01 0.45
DLance Stroll27096082D6800Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023AM9 10.52 0.65
DGuanyu Zhou27096089D4400Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023AR2 10.01 0.44
DKevin Magnussen27096093D3200Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023HAAS8 10.01 0.32
DEsteban Ocon27096085D5800Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023ALPN-3 9.52 0.61
CNSTRAston Martin F1 Team27096117CNSTR9200Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023AM30 8.04 1.14
DYuki Tsunoda27096092D3400Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023AT8 8.01 0.42
DValtteri Bottas27096103CPT9600Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023AR12 7.52 1.28
DNico Hulkenberg27096110CPT6000Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023HAAS-2 7.52 0.80
CNSTRWilliams27096122CNSTR3300Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023WILL3 7.06 0.47
DValtteri Bottas27096083D6400Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023AR12 5.01 1.28
DNico Hulkenberg27096090D4000Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023HAAS-2 5.01 0.80
DOscar Piastri27096108CPT7200Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023MCL0 4.52 1.59
DNyck De Vries27096114CPT4500Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023AT4 4.52 1.00
DLogan Sargeant27096111CPT5700Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023WILL3 4.52 1.26
DOscar Piastri27096088D4800Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023MCL0 3.01 1.59
DNyck De Vries27096094D3000Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023AT4 3.01 1.00
DLogan Sargeant27096091D3800Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023WILL3 3.01 1.26
CNSTRHaas F1 Team27096123CNSTR3100Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023HAAS2 2.03 1.53
CNSTRRed Bull Racing27096115CNSTR13100Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023RB58.7 2.02 6.47
CNSTRMercedes27096118CNSTR8500Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023MERC23 2.02 4.20
CNSTRMcLaren27096121CNSTR3700Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023MCL0 2.02 1.83

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