Formula 1

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Updated 03/11/2023
Brazil GP

NamepositionTeamSalaryProjWin OddsAvg PointsValue
Max VerstappendriverRed Bull3862.280.0%28.71.6
Lewis HamiltondriverMercedes2949.211.8%15.61.7
Lando NorrisdriverMcLaren2845.36.7%18.81.6
Charles LeclercdriverFerrari2639.53.4%15.61.5
George RusselldriverMercedes2337.95.3%15.01.6
Sergio PerezdriverRed Bull2532.94.8%11.11.3
Carlos SainzdriverFerrari2432.32.9%19.31.3
Oscar PiastridriverMcLaren2027.72.9%8.51.4
Fernando AlonsodriverAston Martin1726.51.0%1.01.6
Esteban OcondriverAlpine1620.80.4%4.11.3
Alexander AlbondriverWilliams1319.50.2%12.41.5
Daniel RicciardodriverAlphaTauri13.514.30.2%10.31.1
Pierre GaslydriverAlpine1513.80.4%12.10.9
Guanyu ZhoudriverAlfa Romeo812.00.2%5.31.5
Kevin MagnussendriverHaas59.70.2%1.01.9
Lance StrolldriverAston Martin106.90.2%4.30.7
Nico HulkenbergdriverHaas63.50.2%6.90.6
Logan SargeantdriverWilliams43.40.2%1.60.9
Valtteri BottasdriverAlfa Romeo8.51.20.2%5.30.1
Yuki TsunodadriverAlphaTauri11-1.10.2%7.5-0.1
Red Bull RacingctorRed Bull8.513.583.3%5.01.6
Aston Martin F1 TeamctorAston Martin5.57.51.5%1.41.4
Alfa Romeo RacingctorAlfa Romeo46.20.5%2.91.6
Alpine F1 TeamctorAlpine5.56.21.0%2.61.1
Haas F1 TeamctorHaas46.20.5%2.41.6


Updated 03/11/2023
Brazil Grand Prix 2023

NameRoster PositionSalaryGame InfoTeamAvgProjValue
Max VerstappenCPT24600Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023RB35.6 41.87 0.59
Lewis HamiltonCPT14700Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023MERC16.85 34.31 0.43
Red Bull RacingCNSTR14000Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023RB49.06 34.08 0.41
Lando NorrisCPT14100Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023MCL13.09 31.91 0.44
Max VerstappenD16400Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023RB35.6 27.91 0.59
MercedesCNSTR9800Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023MERC23.94 25.63 0.38
Sergio PerezCPT13500Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023RB15.52 23.63 0.57
Charles LeclercCPT12900Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023FERR11.87 23.48 0.55
Lewis HamiltonD9800Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023MERC16.85 22.88 0.43
McLarenCNSTR9000Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023MCL16.62 22.43 0.40
George RussellCPT13200Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023MERC9.56 22.20 0.59
Fernando AlonsoCPT9600Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023AM14.44 21.91 0.44
Lando NorrisD9400Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023MCL13.09 21.27 0.44
Esteban OconCPT7200Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023ALPN4.95 20.29 0.35
FerrariCNSTR8800Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023FERR21.55 19.30 0.46
Carlos SainzCPT12000Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023FERR12.21 17.49 0.69
Oscar PiastriCPT12300Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023MCL5.89 15.96 0.77
Sergio PerezD9000Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023RB15.52 15.75 0.57
Charles LeclercD8600Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023FERR11.87 15.65 0.55
Daniel RicciardoCPT7800Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023AT5 15.02 0.52
George RussellD8800Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023MERC9.56 14.80 0.59
Fernando AlonsoD6400Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023AM14.44 14.60 0.44
Guanyu ZhouCPT5100Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023AR3.9 14.27 0.36
Esteban OconD4800Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023ALPN4.95 13.53 0.35
Kevin MagnussenCPT4800Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023HAAS3.16 13.52 0.36
Alexander AlbonCPT9000Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023WILL6.79 12.77 0.70
Aston Martin F1 TeamCNSTR4600Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023AM15.38 12.13 0.38
Carlos SainzD8000Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023FERR12.21 11.66 0.69
Oscar PiastriD8200Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023MCL5.89 10.64 0.77
Alpine F1 TeamCNSTR3600Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023ALPN7.74 10.06 0.36
Daniel RicciardoD5200Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023AT5 10.01 0.52
Guanyu ZhouD3400Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023AR3.9 9.51 0.36
Pierre GaslyCPT8400Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023ALPN6.16 9.04 0.93
Kevin MagnussenD3200Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023HAAS3.16 9.01 0.36
Alexander AlbonD6000Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023WILL6.79 8.51 0.70
Alfa Romeo RacingCNSTR3000Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023AR2.84 8.03 0.37
AlphatauriCNSTR3200Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023AT2.63 8.03 0.40
WilliamsCNSTR3000Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023WILL3 8.03 0.37
Haas F1 TeamCNSTR3000Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023HAAS1.95 8.03 0.37
Pierre GaslyD5600Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023ALPN6.16 6.03 0.93
Logan SargeantCPT4500Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023WILL1.95 4.52 1.00
Nico HulkenbergCPT5400Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023HAAS3.37 3.77 1.43
Valtteri BottasCPT6600Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023AR4.53 3.02 2.19
Logan SargeantD3000Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023WILL1.95 3.01 1.00
Nico HulkenbergD3600Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023HAAS3.37 2.51 1.43
Lance StrollCPT6300Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023AM4.83 2.27 2.78
Yuki TsunodaCPT6000Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023AT5.35 2.27 2.65
Valtteri BottasD4400Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023AR4.53 2.01 2.19
Lance StrollD4200Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023AM4.83 1.51 2.78
Yuki TsunodaD4000Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2023AT5.35 1.51 2.65

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