Euroleague DFS Projections

Good morning and our good start.

Today, Euroleague starts and with it starts our Fantasy journeys to the season long Tournament

Annual tournament

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The participation for each team in the Tournament is 11 € and the first place will give out 3,000 €!

The game lasts for the regular duration of the Euroleague and in this tournament we have to choose 9 players, 1 Center and 2 in the rest of the positions.

There is no substitute and if the player does not play in a game, he will simply get no points.

Every week we have a free change, but there is the possibility to make as many changes as we want, losing 12 points for each extra change.

There will be a period of late registration until the third game week and each team that enters in the later stages will start with 95% of the average of the points of each game week.

Of course, in such a long season, there are many options in both expensive and low salary levels, so below there are some players who stand out and can make a difference.

Let’s go see them!

Point Guards

Too many options in the position of Point Guard, a position that traditionally gives a lot of points in Fantasy, with many big names playing and making the selection difficult.

Micic and James are the most expensive players (16m) and if I had to choose between the two, I would go to Mike James, who has over 30 Fantasy points in his Euroleague career and now goes to a team that can do that he wants and will not have Itoudis shouting at him every time!

A little further down we have Sloukas and Canaan (13.5m). Both have close to 1 fantasy point per minute and are players with a high ceiling and minutes and possessions, two things necessary for fantasy value.

At 11.5m, I like CSKA’s Lundberg, who shows – at least at the beginning of the year – that he will have 20+ minutes of playing time and a great participation in the offensive part of the team.

At 9.5cm I like Basconia’s Granger, who despite his age, has started the year hot and is also very good in categories that give us extra points, such as assists and steals.

Alba’s Lo for the same money is a also a good option and a little bit further down, we have Lekavicius (9.0cm), two players who have close to 1 fantasy point per minute and are historically quite productive.

Shooting Guards

In general, I do not like this position, because it has limited options and from one point onwards, we will all end up having the same two players in our teams.

Shved (17m) is the most expensive player in all positions, but I find it very difficult to se+0e how he will be able to reach the levels of usage he had with Khimki and I will not go near him, at least until we see how he is being used in CSKA.

De Colo (15m) is a solid value and his price is fair, I like Nedovic (14.5m) and Mudiay (14.5m), but I’m a little scared at the moment to use them and would love to see them in some more games.

The one who looks like a very good price is Bayern’s Hilliard (12m), who will take as long as he can withstand and as many shots as he wants, since Bayern has a lot of injuries. Historically he averages 0.99 fantasy points per minute, but with so many absences his ceiling looks big.

A little lower, I am intrigued by Macon (10.5m) of Panathinaikos since he has an easy game and if he is hot he can give us many points.

At 9.5m, I would choose Alba’s Eriksson, despite the difficult game he has, because he is a player we know does a lot on the court and is historically at 1.15 fantasy points per minute .Also, at 9.5m it is easy to change him if he does not perform well.

Finally, Kurucs (7.5m) and Marinkovic (7m) seem to have a clear path to heavy minutes and at this price they are worth the risk in my opinion.

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Small Forwards

14m for Hezonia, is an excellent price in my opinion because I really believe that, if he does not have an injury, will be in the Top 5 in Fantasy points, since we are talking about a player who does everything on the court and will play a lot minutes.

Clyburn (14m) and Papapetrou (13.5m) are also good choices.

From Fontecchio, Shield and Kalinic (13,12.5,12.5cm respectively) I would choose Kalinic since it seems that he will have the biggest role of the three and at 12m I would choose Giedraitis.

Sant-Roos (10cm) and Ulanovas (10.5cm) are at the right price and I think they are worth the risk.

At the lowest price levels, Pierre, Nunally and Hanga, all at 8.5cm, seem to be value for money, since we are talking about 3 players who will play a lot and offer in many areas in the game.

Power Forwards

I can not say anything to someone who wants to choose Mirotic. He is a star and with 1.29 fantasy points per minute he is also amazing in Fantasy. But at a steep 16.5m, it greatly limits the players we can take in other positions, but if you feel good about the rest of the team and have 16.5m on the sidelines, then don’t even think about it.

Vezenkov (13m) was an amazing value for money last year, but this year he has an honest salary, with his role showing that he is, if not upgraded, at least at the same level as last year.

I will take the risk with Motiejunas at 12.5m, and when I say risk I mean Mike James, because otherwise, I believe that Motiejunas will have very good numbers in Monaco.

Yabusele (12m), Mitoglou (11.5m) and Poythress (11m) are fine for their money, Melli scares me a little at 11m, and I like Okaro White of Panathinaikos , it seems to me that he is at a very good price at 10.5cm .

At lower levels, Livio (9m), Vorontsevic (9m) and Schneider (7m) will have both the role and the minutes to keep them in my player pool if I’m looking for something cheap at power forward position.


Center’s position in the annual tournament is very crucial, since we can only choose one player and generally this position gives a lot of points.

So a bad choice here, can cost us 20-30 points.

With the above in mind, I am a little scared of Tavares (14.5m) not because that I do not believe that he will score big, but because usually in Real they do heavy rotation, so everyone ends up playing 20 minutes and that is not enough for the Fantasy production.

Milutinov (14m), Mickey (13.5m) and Reynolds (12.5m) are better choices in my opinion, since they will have playing time and an aggressive role in their teams.

At 10-12 million, you can say good things for all the players, since everyone will have more or less the same role and minutes.

If I had to choose, I would go with Petrusev (12m), Lauvergne (11m) and Lammers (10.5m), but I repeat, if you like someone else more, choose him.

At the lower levels, there is a clear value for money option, Rubit (8.5cm) who will play as much as he can, given the injuries that Bayern has and is an excellent fantasy player, with 1.17 fantasy points per minute.

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