Welcome to the NBA Top 5 edition for the today’s Fantasy Tournament on Fanteam and Stoiximan

The tables show the TOP 5 players in each position, according to price, projection points and matchup.

Also included are the estimated ownership projections.

The tables will be updated throughout the day, adjusting to any news, so be sure to check the article closer to lock.

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Point Guards

1Luka Doncic6.221.8%
2Immanuel Quickley5.855.5%
3Russell Westbrook5.75.5%
4Stephen Curry5.510.0%
5LaMelo Ball5.427.3%

Shooting Guards

1James Harden6.221.8%
2Bradley Beal5.110.9%
3Caris Levert5.040.0%
4Devin Booker4.510.9%
5Alec Burks3.720.9%

Small Forwards

1LeBron James7.048.2%
2Jerami Grant5.39.1%
3Khris Middleton5.28.2%
4Gordon Hayward5.121.8%
5Kawhi Leonard5.010.9%

Power Forwards

1Giannis Antetokounmpo6.726.4%
2Julius Randle5.516.4%
3Domantas Sabonis4.810.0%
4Kristaps Porzingis4.79.1%
5Marvin Bagley III4.417.3%


1Nikola Jokic6.010.9%
2Jakob Poeltl5.240.9%
3Deandre Ayton4.67.3%
4Jonas Valanciunas4.611.8%
5Richaun Holmes4.32.7%

Don’t Forget To Check Our NBA Projections Page