EuroLeague Fantasy Basketball W15–18/12–Preview

Welcome to EuroLeague Fantasy Basketball W15-18/12-Preview.

6 games in the slate tonight and 8k the prize pool!

EuroLeague Fantasy Basketball W15-18/12


EuroLeague Fantasy Basketball W15–18/12–Preview

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CSKA vs Zenit Petersburg (-8.5) 153.5


James and Clyburn are the top options from CSKA, followed by Hilliard Milutinov and Shengelia.

Zenit Petersburg

Will Thomas and Pangos my top choices.

Hollins and Baron after them and I am going to take a flyer on Rivers.

Priority Plays: James, Clyburn, Thomas, Pangos

Secondary Plays: Milutinov, Shengelia, Hilliard, Hollins, Baron, Rivers

Crvena Zvezda vs Valencia (2.5) 157.5

Crvena Zvezda

I will keep riding Loyd, despite the fact that he is playing badly lately. He is still averaging 30+ minutes and talking 12+ shots.

Walden and O’Bryant are my secondary pieces.


Dubljevic is too cheap and also Prepelic and Kalinic are priced nicely.

Tobey and Williams are looking good for their money also.

Priority Plays: Loyd, Dubljevic

Secondary Plays: Walden, Prepelic, Kalinic, Williams, O’Bryant, Tobey

Bayern Munich vs Baskonia (-3.5) 151.5

Bayern Munich

Baldwin, Reynolds, and Seeley will be my top option. If Lukic plays then he is also one of them.

If Lukic is out I will have some Jajuan Johnson and I will play Radosevic as the last piece in some lineups.


Henry is the top option from Baskonia.

Polonara and Giedraitis are close second and if you wanna go cheaper, Peters and Vildoza will work.

Fall and Sedekerskis are also viable low-end options.

Priority Plays: Baldwin, Henry

Secondary Plays: Reynolds, Seeley, Polonara, Giedraitis

Olympiacos vs Real Madrid (4.5) 158.5


Sloukas and Mckissic are my top choices from Olympiakos.

Martin, Vezenkov, and Livio are ok but the rotation of this team is very hard to guess.

Real Madrid

Tavares a clear number one here. Thompkins and Abalde are very cheap, as is Randolph.

Deck is a good choice also, and my gut is telling me that Garuba will play minutes tonight, so I will play him ( and pay for it ).

Priority Plays: Tavares, Sloukas, Abalde, Thompkins

Secondary Plays: Randolph, Deck, Garuba, Martin, Vezenkov

Asvel vs Khimki (2.5) 163.5


Cole and Yabusele the top choices from ASVEL.

Fall and Freeman are close second and if you think that Noua is going to play heavy minutes again, then go for him.


Shved 100%.

Other than that, Mickey and Booker if Monroe is out and Monroe if he is in.

Priority Plays: Shved

Secondary Plays: Cole, Yabusele, Mickey, Monroe, Fall, Freeman.

Barcelona vs Maccabi (-7.5) 155.5


Mirotic, Higgins, and Davies my top choices from Barca,

Calathes and Abrines are ok if you want to add them in your player pool and Oriola should get minutes.


Wilbekin, Bryant and Hunter my top choices from Maccabi.

Caloiaro, Dorsey, and Zizic are alternatives.

Priority Plays: Mirotic, Wilbekin, Higgins

Secondary Plays: Davies, Hunter, Bryant, Calathes, Oriola

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EuroLeague Fantasy Basketball W15-18/12-Preview

Top 5

This is NOT a reflection of my “personal” rankings of players. This is simply a quick list of the Top 5 players, by position, ranked using projections and their price tags. This does not take into account individual defensive matchups. It is simply a raw output. I will likely write about guys that I like that are not on this table. I will also likely talk about guys that are in this table that I think stink. Please do not use this tab as anything more than a quick guide.
1Mike James2.8
2Scottie Wilbekin2.8
3Kostas Sloukas2.0
4Corey Walden1.7
5Wade Baldwin IV1.4
1Jordan Loyd3.7
2Alexey Shved2.9
3David Lighty1.9
4Elijah Bryant1.6
5Cory Higgins1.4
1Shaquielle Mckissic2.0
2Will Clyburn1.9
3Nikola Kalinic1.2
4Alberto Abalde1.2
5Rokas Giedraitis0.9
1Trey Thompkins1.5
2Nikola Mirotic1.4
3Will Thomas1.3
4Jonas Jerebko1.3
5Anthony Randolph1.1
1Edy Tavares2.0
2Bojan Dubljevic1.6
3Moustapha Fall1.6
4Brandon Davies1.2
5Jordan Mickey1.1