EuroLeague Fantasy Basketball W15–17/12–Preview

Welcome to EuroLeague Fantasy Basketball W15-17/12-Preview.

3 games in the slate tonight and 6k the prize pool!

EuroLeague Fantasy Basketball W15-17/12


EuroLeague Fantasy Basketball W15–17/12–Preview

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Anadolu Efes vs Olimpia Milano (-3.5) 159.5

Anadolu Efes

Simon and Duston are the two main choices for me from Efes.

Both play a lot of minutes and both have good prices, which makes them extremely viable.

I am not touching Larkin again at 15m until either his price drops or he starts producing like a 15m player.

Micic is ok but kind of expensive at 13.5m for my taste.

Olimpia Milano

Delaney and Shields are at 12.8m and 11.4m? Ok, thank you Fanteam, I will have a lot from both.

Leday is still below 10m and I will have a bit of Punter and Hines but I will not go out of my way to put them in my lineups.

Priority Plays: Delaney, Shields, Dunston

Secondary Plays: Simon, Micic, Leday, Punter

Zalgiris vs Fenerbahce (-4.5) 154.5


Grigonis, Hayes, and Rubit are my top options from Zalgiris, with Lauvergne being the alternative if you think that Rubit is not gonna get big minutes.

The whole Zalgiris squad is priced fairly (if not cheaply) and I would not mind any of their rotation players, to be honest, against a team that is playing very poorly at the moment.


Speaking of Fener, they are my least favorite team tonight.

You can try rostering Brown or Decolo, hoping that they will find their form, but at 12m and 12.5m, I will not.

Pierre and Barthel look more reasonable options, very well priced and bound to play heavy minutes, in a matchup that looks- at least on paper- good for them.

Maybe Ulanovas will remember that he used to play good basketball back in Lithuania, if you wanna go chasing…unicorns.

Priority Plays: Grigonis, Hayes, Barthel

Secondary Plays: Rubit, Pierre, Brown, Lauvergne

Panathinaikos vs Alba Berlin (-6.5) 163.5


Nedovic and Papapetrou are my top picks, not only from the game but from the slate.

12.6m for Nedovic, playing 30+ minutes and having a 28% usage rate is fair, if not low and 11.5m for Papapetrou, who is playing even more minutes, is just wrong.

Papagiannis, Sant-Roos, and White are in my player pool also, and Mack if he is in, otherwise Foster.

Alba Berlin

Sikma, Giffey, and Granger are my top options from Berlin.

Siva at 12m is too expensive for my taste but I cannot fault anyone that wants to roster him, since his ceiling is high.

Priority Plays: Nedovic, Papapetrou, Sikma, Giffey

Secondary Plays: Papagiannis, Sant-Roos, Granger, Siva, White

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EuroLeague Fantasy Basketball W15-17/12-Preview

Top 5

This is NOT a reflection of my “personal” rankings of players. This is simply a quick list of the Top 5 players, by position, ranked using projections and their price tags. This does not take into account individual defensive matchups. It is simply a raw output. I will likely write about guys that I like that are not on this table. I will also likely talk about guys that are in this table that I think stink. Please do not use this tab as anything more than a quick guide.
1Vasilje Micic1.6
2Jayson Granger1.3
3Lorenzo Brown1.3
4Malcolm Delaney1.1
5Maodo Lo0.9
1Nemanja Nedovic2.2
2Marius Grigonis2.1
3Krunoslav Simon1.3
4Nando De Colo0.9
5Kevin Punter0.7
1Ioannis Papapetrou2.2
2Niels Giffey1.8
3Shavon Shields1.2
4Dyshawn Pierre1.1
5Howard Sant-Roos0.9
1Luke Sikma2.0
2Nigel Hayes1.3
3Danilo Barthel1.0
4Zach Leday0.9
5Adrien Moerman0.7
1George Papagiannis1.4
2Joffrey Lauvergne0.9
3Augustine Rubit0.9
4Johannes Thiemann0.7
5Bryant Dunston0.5