Welcome to EuroLeague Fantasy Basketball W14-15/12 Preview.

5 games in the slate tonight and 6k the prize pool!

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Zenit vs Bayern (4.5) 150

Pangos , Hollins and Thomas are my main options form Zenith.

Rivers is getting a lot of minutes lately and at 8m, seems like a viable cheap option, as is Baron, although I would not lay the two of them together.

Pontika is priced fairly and if you think that Poythress will play more than 20 minutes, then he looks perfect at 9.9m.

IF Lucic plays then I will have him in my player pool along with Reynolds. Baldwin is not playing well lately and this is reflected at the price and he is now priced at 11.2m, when, let’s say Zipser is at 11m!

Just for that fact alone, I am tempted to play him, although it is going to be a tough game for him.

Priority Plays: Pangos, Lucic

Secondary Plays: Hollins, Thomas, Pontika, Reynolds, Zipser, Baldwin

Barcelona vs Khimki (11.5) 164.5

Mirotic, Higgins, and Davies are the top options for me from Barcelona.

Calathes is priced fairly also, and he will be in my player pool, along with Abrines.

I am also willing to take a chance on Bolmaro at 6m since he is getting minutes lately and this game might get out of hand, so he will see more usage also.

Shved is Shved and he will always be in my player pool if he is playing.

Jerebko, Monroe, and Mickey seem like ok options if you think that the game is going to stay close.

Priority Plays: Mirotic, Higgins, Shved

Secondary Plays: Davies, Calathes, Jerebko, Monroe, Bolmaro, Mickey

Olympiakos vs Valencia (2.5) 158.5)

Sloukas is nicely priced at 12m for someone who is getting 30 minutes per game and has the ball in his hands a lot.

Printezis and Spanoulis played a lot in the previous game, after playing less than 10 minutes in the game before that, so if you think they are going to play 20+ minutes, go for it.

I don’t have a problem rostering players from Olympiakos but their rotation is not stable and I cannot have anyone else as a lock.

Speaking of strange rotations, Valencia has a team that 8 players are playing close to 20 minutes!

So Dubljevic, Kalinic, Williams at first and then, Prepelic, Van Rossom, Tobey at second, will be in my player pool, and to be honest, any player from Valencia can be because any one of them can play 15-20 minutes and contribute.

Priority Plays: Sloukas, Doubljevic

Secondary Plays: Kalinic, Van Rossom, Printezis, Ellis, Williams

ASVEL vs Maccabi Tel Aviv (-4.5) 153.5

Fall’s price has fallen to 10.4m now, so he is a safe choice, especially given the matchup.

Kahudi is playing long minutes again, so at 8.6m he is a viable option and if you believe that Cole is gonna start making shots, then play him by all means, because he is going to take 10+ shots.

Speaking of 10+ shots, but with a better %, Wilbekin is a very good option, even at 14m.

Bryant and Dorsey, as always, look good for their prices, and from the big man battle, I would go with Hunter since he seems to be the one that his coach likes more.

Caloiaro is an option but I prefer to take a chance on Bender or Casspi, to be honest, but not too confident to recommend any of them.

Priority Plays: Wilbekin, Fall

Secondary Plays: Kahudi, Bryant, Dorsey, Hunter

Top 5

This is NOT a reflection of my “personal” rankings of players. This is simply a quick list of the Top 5 players, by position, ranked using projections and their price tags. This does not take into account individual defensive matchups. It is simply a raw output. I will likely talk about guys that I like that are not on this table. I will also likely talk about guys that are in this table that I think stink. Please do not use this tab as anything more than a quick guide.
1Scottie Wilbekin2.2
2Wade Baldwin IV1.9
3Kostas Sloukas1.8
4Kevin Pangos1.5
5Nick Calathes1.2
1Alexey Shved3.0
2Cory Higgins1.9
3Elijah Bryant1.5
4Tyler Dorsey1.4
5Austin Hollins1.2
1Vladimir Lucic1.4
2Charles Lombahe-Kahudi1.2
3Nikola Kalinic1.2
4Janis Timma0.8
5Mateusz Ponitka0.6
1Nikola Mirotic1.8
2Jonas Jerebko1.4
3Georgios Printezis1.3
4Derrick Williams1.0
5Will Thomas1.0
1Brandon Davies1.7
2Moustapha Fall1.3
3Jalen Reynolds1.2
4Bojan Dubljevic1.0
5Othello Hunter0.7