Welcome to EuroLeague Fantasy Basketball W14-15/12 Preview.

5 games in the slate tonight and 6k the prize pool!

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CSKA vs Anadolu Efes (-4.5) 162

The 1st game of the day is the most exciting one from a pure basketball perspective with James going against Larkin and two of the best teams in the competition playing against each other.

From a fantasy perspective, I have a strong interest here also.

James and Clyburn are my two main targets from CSKA.

Both of them have a good matchup and they should see a lot of minutes, since it is projecting to be a close game.

Hilliard is another player that intrigues me since he can get red hot in games and that is always good in fantasy.

Shengelia and Milutinov will be in my player pool but I think that their price is too high for the match-up.

Efes is projected to play at full strength tonight and that is not good for fantasy, since it makes it harder to predict where all the possessions will go.

Larkin is the most expensive player on the slate and he will be in my player pool but I prefer to draft Micic at 13m or Simon at 11.8m, both of them playing 24+ minutes and having a big share of the usage.

Dunston and Singleton are getting heavy minutes lately but Singleton does not have any usage, so I will stick with Dunston.

If you want to go with the cheaper alternatives, like Beaubois, Pleiss and Moerman, go for it, as they can go off at any time and break the slate open.

Priority Plays: James, Micic, Clyburn

Secondary Plays: Larkin, Dunston, Simon, Hilliard, Shengelia

Fenerbahce vs Armani Milano (4.5) 155.5

Vesely is out and Brown is a game-time decision for Fener, so this opens up a lot of value.

De Colo becomes a very good play if Brown is out, and also Ali Muhammed, who will get most of the minutes.

Barthel is also due for a lot of minutes with Vesely being out and I like him a lot.

Pierre and Eddie will need to play more and probably closer to the basket and with their price below 10m, they will also be in my player pool.

Duverioglu has been out for the last couple of games, but if he plays tonight, he is a good value option, although he has been awful this season, and the same goes for Hamilton, who at 5m is priced as low as you can go.

Milano is getting Rodriguez back, but that won’t make me shy away from Delaney. He has been producing at a high level lately, even with Rodriguez in the squad, so I am not afraid of Chacho’s return.

Shields is also playing very well, the whole season to be fair, so yes to him also and I still cannot understand why Punter is priced so low. He has the green light to shoot 9+ shots per game and is getting a lot of steals.

I also have a feeling the Leday and Hines will see a lot of playing time, with Fener going smaller, so with them getting 23-24 minutes, they become excellent options.

Priority Plays: DeColo, Barthel, Delaney, Shields

Secondary Plays: Punter, Leday, Hines, Ali Muhammed, Eddie, Pierre

Zalgiris vs Baskonia (2.5) 154.5

Grigonis and Jokubaitis are my two main options here since their price is too low for what they can offer.

Fairly priced are also, Lauvergne and Hayes, both of them playing more the 24+ minutes lately and getting us double-digit returns.

At the time of writing this, I did not know if Baskonia will have Vildoza in their lineup, so if he is out, Henry becomes a must-play, since during Vildoza’s absence he has been averaging 34.75 fantasy points in 34 minutes!

Giedraitis is priced too low in my opinion at 10m and he will be also in a lot of my lineups and I will split my shares of Polonara and Peters since one of them is going to go off!

Priority Plays: Henry, Giedraitis, Grigonis, Jokubaitis

Secondary Plays: Hayes, Lauvergne, Polonara, Peters

Crvena Zvezda vs Alba Berlin (-7) 157.5

So, we get a game, where this season’s top scorers is playing against the worst defence in the league, a team that like also to run a lot.

Well, I guess Loyd is going to be 100% owned right? If you came here to find a reason not to play him, you came to the wrong place.

From the rest of Zvezda players, I like Walden a lot and O’Bryant a little bit less, but enough to have him in a fair share of my lineups.

You can play Davidovac if you like since he is getting enough minutes and I will have Reath in my player pool, for the 1st time, since I believe that he will see more than 15 minutes tonight and he is capable of giving us a double-digit return.

Sikma and Giffey are the two main options from the Berlin side. Both of them are priced fairly and have been playing very well against any opponent.

Siva is too expensive in my opinion and I prefer playing Granger at 2m less and with a more rounded up game.

Thiemann and Lo are two players that I will also have in my player pool.

Priority Plays: Loyd, Sikma

Secondary Plays: Walden, Giffey, Granger, O’Bryant, Davidovac, Siva, Lo, Thiemann

Panathinaikos vs Real Madrid (7.0) 160.5

Nedovic, Papapetrou and Papagiannis are the 3 players with the most production from Panathinaikos side, and they will be in my player pool but a game against Real Madrid is always a hard one and their production could be less the usual.

However, I have no problem playing White at 8.5m, since he is getting more the 22+ minutes in the last games and is capable of getting points from a lot of categories.

Tavares is fairly priced and I do not think that he will face any problems against Papagiannis, so I will play him for sure.

Llull is an ok option but way overpriced in my opinion.

Randolph, Thompkins, Abalde, are too cheap for their production, so cheap that I had to double check if my numbers are correct.

Priority Plays: Tavares, Abalde, Thompkins, Randolph

Secondary Plays: White, Nedovic, Papagiannis, Papapetrou, Llull

Top 5

This is NOT a reflection of my “personal” rankings of players. This is simply a quick list of the Top 5 players, by position, ranked using projections and their price tags. This does not take into account individual defensive matchups. It is simply a raw output. I will likely talk about guys that I like that are not on this table. I will also likely talk about guys that are in this table that I think stink. Please do not use this tab as anything more than a quick guide.
1Mike James2.9
2Pierria Henry2.5
3Vasilje Micic1.8
4Corey Walden1.7
5Malcolm Delaney1.2
1Jordan Loyd4.0
2Marius Grigonis2.3
3Nemanja Nedovic1.9
4Krunoslav Simon1.1
5Nando De Colo1.1
1Ioannis Papapetrou1.8
2Niels Giffey1.8
3Will Clyburn1.7
4Alberto Abalde1.6
5Shavon Shields1.6
1Achille Polonara1.6
2Luke Sikma1.5
3Nigel Hayes1.4
4Danilo Barthel1.4
5Trey Thompkins1.2
1Edy Tavares1.7
2Joffrey Lauvergne1.0
3George Papagiannis1.0
4Kyle Hines0.8
5Nikola Milutinov0.5