Welcome to EuroLeague Fantasy Basketball W13-11/12 Preview.

4 games in the slate tonight and 7k the prize pool!

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Khimki vs CSKA (-6.5) 164.5

The Moscow derby is predicted to be the highest-scoring game on the slate and I am hoping that Khimki will be able to keep up with CSKA, in order for us to have a competitive game, meaning having the best players on the court for as long as possible.

Shved is always an option when he is on the slate and today will not be any different.

Monroe destroyed CSKA in the game for the Baltic league this season so he will be in my player pool, along with Jerebko and Booker.

Timma, Jovic and McCollum, are priced below 10m and play a ton of minutes. All of them are inconsistent (at best) this season but they can go off any day.

From the visitor’s side, James was the MVP for November and he has not slowed down in December also and I love getting to him in such high-scoring affairs.

Clyburn and Shengelia are ok options, Milutinov seems a bit expensive for my taste. I prefer to play Voigtmann from the frontline at 8.8m and will have some shares of Hackett and Hilliard but will limit my exposure if we learn the Sterlienks will be back in the lineup.

Priority Plays: Shved, James

Secondary Plays: Monroe, Jerebko, Voigtmann, Shengelia, Timma, Jovic, Hilliard

Panathinaikos vs Zalgiris (3.5) 157.5

Nedovic is the clear option from Panathinaikos with Papapetrou close second.

Might have some shares of Papagiannis but I prefer drafting White at 8.6m or Mitoglou at 9.5m, as they would give me more flexibility.

If Sant Roos fits in my lineup I will have no problem plugin him in.

From my point of view, Zalgiris players are priced fairly. I expect the game to be a close one and in order for that to happen, players like Grigonis, Haes and Walkup, will need to have good games. All of them are priced at 10m and I will happily roster them.

Jokubaitis at 9m is another interesting option if you want to go cheaper. The minutes are there and the production is more or less steady.

Priority Plays: Nedovic, Papapetrou, Grigonis

Secondary Plays: Hayes, Walkup, Papagiannis, White, Mitoglou, Sant-Roos, Jokubaitis

Bayern vs Lyon-Villeurbanne (5.5) 151.5

I think this will be a low scoring game, between two teams that want to play good defense above anything else. That does not mean that I am not interested in some players though.

Lucic at 12.5m and Baldwin at 12m are the top options from Bayern (and the game to be honest).

If I had to choose between the two, I would go with Lucic, since he is my top-rated SF and he can get points from a lot of categories, in comparison to Baldwin who is more scoring dependant.

Reynolds and Zipser are also good alternatives, both of them with steady roles and production, and who knows, maybe Reynolds will play more than 23 minutes and actually break the slate!

Asvel on the other hand has a lot of players that can contribute, so it is a guessing game every time.

Cole cost me a lot of money on Tuesday but I am willing to back him up again ( hoping he won’t go for 2/12 shots and 5 turnovers).

But the main play is Lighty for me. He has 31.5/30.25/13.5/27.25 in his last 4 games and has 8/9 games with more than 24 minutes. At 9.8m, he is just too cheap for this production.

I will have no problem putting Fall or Yabusele in my lineups but I will not force them in.

Priority Plays: Lucic, Baldwin, Lighty

Secondary Plays: Reynolds, Cole, Zipser, Fall, Yabusele

Barcelona vs Olimpia Milano (7.5) 155.5

Mirotic is priced at 15m and in his last 3 games, he has 29.2515/22.25 fantasy points. So, at 15m he needs to get us at least 30 points in order for him to hit value.

Do you believe he will? Then play him. I will not tonight and hope it will not backfire on me.

Same goes for Calathes. Too expensive for my taste.

I will have shares of Higgins and Davies though, since I believe that they are priced fairly and will get minutes and production against Milan.

Abrines at 9.5m is an ok option or you can go with Kuric, who is getting around 18 minutes per game and has a high ceiling.

Delaney will be my top option from Milan, for 2 reasons.

Rodriguez is again out, so he will get close to 30 minutes, and – the main one -he is playing against his former team after they agreed to part ways last year, not on good terms.

So, I expect him to be focused and determined to prove a point.

Shields at 12m is also someone that I consider but I would be cautious since he is someone that has a lot of ups and downs in his production.

Punter on the other hand is as steady as they come. Has 20+ points in his last 5 games and 24+ in 3/5.

Leday and Hines are also good option, and if you think that Shields will not be good, then it will wise to use Micov as a contrarian play.

Priority Plays: Delaney, Davies

Secondary Plays: Punter, Higgins, Hines, Mirotic, Abrines, Shields, Leday

Top 5

From today, I will share my top 5 players per position, according to my projections and their price tags.

This is NOT a reflection of my “personal” rankings of players. This is simply a quick list of the Top 5 players, by position, ranked using projections and their price tags. This does not take into account individual defensive matchups. It is simply a raw output. I will likely talk about guys that I like that are not on this table. I will also likely talk about guys that are in this table that I think stink. Please do not use this tab as anything more than a quick guide.
1Mike James2.6
2Wade Baldwin IV1.9
3Malcolm Delaney1.1
4Thomas Walkup1.0
5Norris Cole1.0
1Alexey Shved2.0
2Nemanja Nedovic1.9
3Marius Grigonis1.8
4David Lighty1.4
5Cory Higgins0.9
1Vladimir Lucic2.3
2Ioannis Papapetrou1.8
3Shavon Shields1.4
4Will Clyburn1.3
5Janis Timma0.7
1Nikola Mirotic1.4
2Jonas Jerebko1.3
3Tornike Shengelia1.3
4Nigel Hayes1.3
5Paul Zipser1.1
1Brandon Davies1.1
2Jalen Reynolds1.1
3Kyle Hines0.9
4Moustapha Fall0.9
5George Papagiannis0.8