€6K EuroLeague Fantasy Basketball W13 – 10/12 – Preview


Welcome to EuroLeague Fantasy Basketball W13-10/12 Preview.

5 games in the slate tonight and 6k the prize pool!

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Crvena Zvezda vs Olympiakos (-1.5) 151

In every Crvena Zvezda game, we need to start with Loyd. With 33.4% usg% and playing about 32 minutes, he needs to be in your player pool.

The game against Olympiakos is not going to be an easy one but Loyd has shown multiple times this season that he is matchup proof.

Hall will be out of the game, so Walden will get a lot of minutes and with his price right at 10m, is an excellent option.

I will have some shares of O’Bryant and Davidovac since they are getting a lot of minutes but the problem is that they are inconsistent and/or low usage players, so this limits their upside.

From the visitor’s side, Mckissic is the one standing out. He is averaging 23.1 fantasy points in the last 5 games and he is priced at 10.2m and at that price I will take him any day and against any opponent.

Another player I am interested in is Sloukas. He is priced at 12m but he is playing 27+ minutes in the last 4 games and is averaging close to 22 fantasy points.

Martin is also one of my main targets tonight, averaging close to 1.05 fantasy points per minute and playing close to 25 minutes lately.

Not interested in the rest of Olympiakos players, maybe I will have some shares of Harrison and Papanikolaou but won’t go out of my way to fit them in my lineups.

Priority Plays: Loyd, McKissic, Sloukas, Walden, Martin

Secondary Plays: O’Bryant, Papanikolaou, Harrison, Davidovac

Alba Berlin vs Fenerbahce (-8) 159

Berlin is playing at a pace that it can destroy any opponent if the shots are falling or get destroyed if they are not.

In the last few weeks, due to injuries, they have found some steady performers and these are the players that I would be targeting.

Sikma (12.5m) is expensive but he is the best player on Berlin and gets points from a lot of categories, something that makes him extremely valuable since he is not scoring dependant.

Siva and Granger are the other two players that I am interested in from the Berling side, with my preference being Granger, since he is 0.5m cheaper and has been playing really well lately.

Fener is getting back DeColo tonight but at 13m, he is too expensive for my taste.

12.2m for Brown on the other side is a fair price. I know that he has not performed well during DeColo’s absence but Berlin is an excellent opponent for him to bounce bask and give us a huge performance.

Another player who can have a huge performance is Vesely, who has the potential to destroy Berlin in the paint, in both offense and defense.

Do you think that 12m is too much? Well, you can easily go to 9.7m and draft Barthel, who is on fire in the last 3 games and has 28.4 fantasy points per game, against tougher opponents and is poised to have a big night.

If Muhammed or Pierre are fitting my lineup builds then I do not mind having them as the last man in.

Priority Plays: Brown, Barthel, Sikma, Vesely

Secondary Plays: Siva, Granger, Muhammed, Pierre, Giffey

Valencia vs Anadolu Efes (-2.5) 163

For some reason, I have seen all of Valencia’s games in the Euroleague and it is clear to me that Valencia’s head coach is reading this column and is trying to piss me off, since every player that I like, he decides to bench for no reason 😛

On a serious note, Kalinic is my top option from the home side. Priced at 9.8 and playing almost 26 minutes per game, it is very difficult for him not to hit value.

Dubljevic and Prepelic are priced correctly and you can play them with no hesitation.

I like Williams also tonight, at 9.7m and I believe that we can squeeze some value out of him at this price.

From the visitor’s side, Larkin at 14.9 is … ok? I mean he can break any slate but 14.9 is a huge price

To be honest, I prefer going to Micic, who is 2.4m cheaper and can get us the same production.

Dunston, Pleiss and Moerman will be in my player pool.

Priority Plays: Micic, Kalinic

Secondary Plays: Dubljevic, Dunston, Larkin, Moerman, PRepelic, Williams, Pleiss

Real Madrid vs Zenit (-7.5) 155.5

Tavares at 12m against Zenit?Yes, please. In my opinion, only foul trouble can stop him from scoring 20+ points again ,

Llull is also someone that will have a lot of usage but his price is now 13m, so that makes him hard to get into a lot of lineups and hard for him to give us back any value.

So, with that in mind, I will be focusing on the forwards of Madrid.

My main targets will be Thompkins and Randolph both of them priced at 10m and both of them capable of scoring 20+ fantasy points on any given night.

Caseur played 22 minutes in the last Euroleague and domestic game, so at 5.3m is an excellent option.

Again, Pangos and Ponitka are my top selection from Zenit, with Pangos being one of my favorite guards on the slate in general.

Thomas and Hollins are decent values also and have a high ceiling also, so they are worth a shot.

Priority Plays: Tavares, Pangos, Thompkins

Secondary Plays: Pontika, Llull, Thoms, Hollins, Caseur

Baskonia vs Maccabi (-3) 156

4 players stand out from Baskonia this season, Henry, Peters, Polonara, Giedraitis, and these are the players that I have interest in tonight, with that order.

If Vildoza is available to play, I will have some shares of him also, since his price it too low at the moment.

If Vildoza is out again, then Dragic becomes a very good play.

From the Maccabi side, Wilbekin is someone that seems to be match proof at the moment.

The only thing that can stop him from putting up 30+ points is …him. He is my favorite pay up option and I am hoping for a big night.

Bryant and Hunter are the other two players that would be in my player pool, since I believe that both of them have secure roles and minutes, in a Maccabi side that is slowly starting to get healthy with the return of Casspi, Dibartolomeo, and Zoosman and is trying to find roles and minutes for all of these players.

Priority Plays: Wilbekin, Henry

Secondary Plays: Hunter, Polonara, Peters, Bryant, Giedraitis, Vildoza