Welcome to EuroLeague Fantasy Basketball W12-08/12 Preview.

We have 4 games in today’s slate that were postponed in the previous weeks due to COVID-19 and all of them are spread out between 6 hours, which makes it difficult to predict lineups but we will do our best!

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Khimki vs Armani Milano (-2.5) 164

The first game of the slate is the one with the highest total also, so we should have some good returns from the players here.

Shved is always in the conversation, as he has the potential to break any slate but -as expected- his price is very high. That does not mean that I will completely fade him of course but I will have moderate exposure to him.

In general, Khimki is highly priced, with 6 of its players above 10m and we are talking about the last team in the standings!

So, I will have some shares of Mickey, Jerebko and Booker and I won’t mind them in my lineups but I will not go out of my way to get them in.

I have more interest in Jovic at 9m since I think that he will start to play more and better as times go buy and we can squeeze some value out of that price.

I like Milano a lot tonight, as I think that it is priced incorrectly.

Milano will be without Rodriguez and Brooks tonight, so that makes Leday at 9.4m and Punter at 9.5m very appealing.

Both of them will play above 20 minutes in a high-scoring fast-paced game and given that their usage% is above 22% I expect them to have a lot of opportunities to score fantasy points.

Delaney and Shields are also in excellent position to get 25+ minutes and also Kyle Hines will have as many as he can handle making him a very good option also.

Priority Plays: Punter, Leday, Jovic, Shved

Secondary Plays: Hines, Delaney, Shields, Timma, Mickey

Anadolu Efes (-7.5) vs ASVEL Basket 157

Efes will most likely be in full strength, for the 1st time this season, something that is good for the team but not so good for us, since it limits the minutes and shares the production to multiple players.

The good thing is that the prices are very fair.

Larkin and Micic are at 14.9 and 13.5, which is kind of high but both of them have very high ceilings so I will have shares of them.

Behind them is Simon at 11.2m and he is someone that I like a lot tonight, along with Moerman and Beaubois, as all of them can score in volumes.

I will be very interested in Dunston if we somehow get the news that Pleis will not play.

ASVEL has been playing really well lately, winning 3 games at home and losing on the road in Madrid in the last minute, so they will put up a fight against Efes, and that is very good for us, from a fantasy perspective.

One of the main reasons for this run is Norris Cole and his 33% usage rate. He has the ball in his hands, is very active on defense, and plays a ton of minutes. All that at 10m only. Yeah, he will be in a lot of my lineups.

Lighty also has a very good stretch of games lately and I will keep on riding him since at 7.4m he is underpriced.

Fall is someone that I am interested in also but he has cooled off lately and I won’t have him in a lot of lineups.

From the rest, I would have some shares of Yabusele and Howard but not in the same lineups.

Priority Plays: Cole, Larkin, Lighty

Secondary Plays: Micic, Simon, Fall, Dunston, Yabusele, Moerman

Barcelona (-10.5) vs Olympiacos 152

As in most of their home games , Barcelona are huge favorites and this has been problem for us this season, since the studs are getting limited minutes due to blowouts.

With that in mind, I am afraid to pay the price for Mirotic and Calathes, although I will have them in some lineups, since their celling is very high.

Abrines did not play in their domestic game and that makes Higgins a very good option since he will see a lot of minutes.

That also will open the door to Hanga and Kuric to see more minutes and get a chance to produce fantasy points.

From the visitor’s side, Livio at 7.2m is a must play in my opinion. He has played 22 minutes and averaging 18.5 fantasy points and although Harrison will be back from injury I don’t expect him to lose a lot of minutes.

Martin and McKissic are two players that I am interested in also, and if you want you can take a shot at Harrison, in his 1st game back after a month.

Priority Plays: Livio, Mirotic, Calathes

Secondary Plays: Higgins, McKissic, Davies, Smits, Martin

Valencia (-4.5) vs Zenit 153.5

Whatever I do, whenever Valencia is on the slate, I have a ton of Prepelic in my lineups and this is what I am going to have again tonight!

I know that he is priced at 12m, but he has a very high usage rate of 26% and can produce points from a lot of categories, not only from scoring.

Dubljevic and Kalinic are decent values but I am more interested in the PGs of Valencia.

All 3 of Van Rossom, Vives, and Hermannsson are below 10m and all 3 of them have been averaging close or above 1 fantasy point per minute in their last 3 games.

So, depending on your drafts, if you can fit one of them in, do it because they are producing.

Zenit might have a very balanced squad also, but I have clear favorites there.

Pangos and Ponitka are my top selection from Zenit, with Pangos being one of my favorite guards on the slate in general.

Thomas and Baron are decent values also and have a high ceiling also.

From the rest, Poythress cannot stay out of foul trouble and Hollins with Rivers forgot how to shoot but I won’t blame you if you end up with one of them in your lineups.

Priority Plays: Pangos, Dubljevic, Kalinic, Ponitka

Secondary Plays: Vives, Van Rossom, Hermannsson, Thomas, Baron