€8K EuroLeague Fantasy Basketball W12 – 03/12 – Preview


Welcome to EuroLeague Fantasy Basketball W12 Preview.

We have 5 games in today’s slate and plenty to look into so let’s dive right into it!

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Zenit vs Fenerbahce (-5.5) 152.5

Kevin Pangos is my top priority from the Zenit side. He is playing close to 27 minutes and has a usage rate of 25%, meaning the majority of the time he is on the court, the ball is in his hands and that is what we need from our players in Fantasy.

Another player that has the same usage rate as Pangos, is Alex Poythress. My only concern with him is that he cannot stay for more than 20 minutes on the floor, mainly because of foul trouble, but when he is playing he is producing at a high rate.

Will Thomas has an excellent price (9.9m) and is playing very well lately, so he will be in my player pool.

Other Zenit players to consider are Pontika and Hollins.

From the Fener side, top priorities are always Brown and Vesely.

There is a strong possibility that Alex Perez will play his first game for the club, so this will cut into Ali Muhammed’s minutes, although I would still have him in my player pool.

Eddie and Pierre are also there, and usually one of them is getting hot, so take your pick and hope it is the correct one!

Priority Plays: Pangos, Thomas, Brown, Vesely

Secondary Plays: Poythress, Pontika Eddie, Pierre, Muhammed, Hollins

CSKA vs Olympiakos (-9) 159.5

Mike James has been on fire lately and I cannot see him cooling off tonight. His price is steep but he has the ability to exceed value.

Milutinov is playing for the 1st time against his former club and I want him in my player pool since he has been starting to play well and Olympiakos simply have no one to guard him.

Shengelia and Clyburn are always in play and Hackett is interesting as well, mainly because of his low price tag.

From Olympiakos side, I will be focusing on the Forward position, with Mckissic, Livio and Papanikolaou.

Especially Livio looks to be an amazing value since he has played 22 minutes in the last 2 games and averaged close to 19 fantasy points.

Priority Plays: James, Milutinov, Livio

Secondary Plays: McKissic, Clyburn, Shengelia, Hackett, Papanikolaou

Maccabi Tel Aviv vs Crvena Zvezda (-8) 154.5

Maccabi has lost 6 games with 4 or fewer points ( that has to be some kind of a record, right?) and is coming into this game looking to end a 3 game losing streak.

Wilbekin is always a safe pick since we are talking about a player who is averaging close to 30 fantasy points per game and is playing around 30 minutes per game.

Zizic was disappointing against Armani Milano last week, but I am willing to go back to him, in what appears to be a favorable matchup.

Casspi is back, after almost a year, and he has played around 11 minutes in 2 games for the domestic league. He was a monster for Fantasy when he was healthy, so I will have a lineup or two with him.

Dorsey and Bryant are two players I end up usually having in my drafts, going mostly with the cheaper one.

From the visitor’s side, Loyd has cooled off a little bit but I am willing to redraft him since he is still the main option in the Crvena Zvezda offense.

Walden is a good cheap alternative to him and O’Bryant with Terry round up my interest from Crvena Zvezda’s side.

Priority Plays: Wilbekin, Loyd, Zizic

Secondary Plays: Casspi, Dorsey, Bryant, Walden, Terry, O’Bryant

Olimpia vs Panathinaikos (-8) 160

The price of Punter is starting to rise but I still believe that there is some value there at 12.4m. He has a usage rate of 22% and 22 fantasy points per game.

Despite the fact that Milano got most of its players back from injury, Shields keeps getting a lot of minutes and a lot of usage, so at 12.2m, looks like a very good option to me, as does Delaney, if you don’t want to give the extra million and pay up for Rodriguez.

Leday is still below 10m, and this is an excellent value for a player that is averaging more than a fantasy point per minute.

From Panathinaikos side, my biggest interest will be Nedovic. He has an awful game against ASVEL and I am hoping for him to bounce back. Be careful though, because he is facing a team that is playing excellent defense lately.

Mack is going back to Milan, so you can use him if you buy into the revenge game narrative but I would be mostly interested in the F/C duo of Mitoglou and Papagiannis.

Both are priced very low in my opinion and have great ceiling.

Priority Plays: Punter, Shields, Leday, Mitoglou

Secondary Plays: Delaney, Nedovic, Papagiannis, Mack

Valencia vs Alba Berlin (-10) 167.5

This is the game with the highest points total in Fanteam Sportsbook and a game that I would like to target.

Valencia players are priced too low for the potential that they have, playing against the worst team in the league.

Dubljevic, Prepelic, Kalinic, Van Rossom are all excellent plays and they all come with reasonable price tags.

Williams, Tobey, San Emeterio, and Hermannsoon are also priced nicely if you want something in the range of 8-10m but my top value play of the night is Vives.

He is averaging 19 minutes per game and almost 17 fantasy points and his price is 6.5m? Yes, I will have a lot of Vives in my lineups tonight.

Of course, keep in mind that this game could blow out and Valencia’s coach could choose to rest his main players, so there will be some that will play fewer minutes than usual.

Sikma is the most expensive player for Berlin tonight (11m) and he is worth a shot since he is playing a lot of minutes, every game and is getting his fantasy points all around the court, not only from scoring.

I like Giffey as a player, so I am willing to go back to him after last games disaster.

If Lammers is out, Thiemann also becomes a good value option.

The other one is Granger ( i prefer him to Siva tonight ), a player also capable of getting fantasy points through multiple categories.

Speaking of value options, Olinde, Schneider, Mattisseck, and Brenneke will play for 5-15 minutes, so if you want cheap players for your rosters, at least we know that they will play.

Priority Plays: Vives, Kalinic, Dubljevic, Prepelic

Secondary Plays: Sikma, Van Rossom, Williams, Tobey, Granger, Giffey, Olinde, Pradilla, San Emeterio

That’s all for today, Good Luck everyone with your Euroleague Fantasy Drafts !

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