Welcome to Premier League GW9 Weekly Monster Preview in Fanteam.com.

Below will be a few choices to help you build your teams for a chance of the 5k 1st prize.

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Emiliano Martinez (7.9m) jumps off the page here, he has 4 clean sheets so far and has amassed 44.5 points.

Nick Pope (7.0m) would be my 2nd choice he is cheap and in a home matchup, I favour.

If you are paying up this week most will roster De Gea (11.3m) has a good chance for a clean sheet but too expensive for me.

Look at others like Pickford/Leno/Mendy


Manchester Utd and Chelsea defenders top the salary charts but I’m looking a little further down.

Lucas Digne (9.0m) is my top choice since I’m expecting Everton to resume winning ways this week and hopefully, Digne can get an assist and a clean sheet.

Others I like that are cheap are Reguilon (6.3m) and Tarnowski (6.8m).

If you can’t avoid the expensive guys, Chilwell (10.9m) and James (10.3m) are fine plays but pricey.


Bruno Fernandes (14.7m) looks in a great spot this week but eats a big hole in your budget…

For me, Ziyech (13.0m) is a bit better value. Sadio Mane (12.2m) will be popular without Salah taking the field this week.

James Milner (9.3m) should be on penalty kick duty so he’s not badly priced. Others to look upon are Grealish/Saha/Soucek.

The 8m range looks pretty packed and I think it will be a popular range.


Loving some Calvert-Lewin (11.9m) this week he’s in a great matchup and should be goals for the taking ..

Harry Kane (9.2m) is so cheap you nearly have to play him although it’s against Manchester City.

Nothing wrong in going with the united options of Rashford/Martial but with all United players you’ll have to pay a pretty penny.


Manchester Utd/ Chelsea will be extremely popular …under the radar ones I like are Everton/Aston Villa/Spurs

Gl everyone this week

Check out out Premier League Player Projections