€4K EuroLeague Fantasy Basketball W7 – 05/11 – Preview


4 games in today’s Euroleague Fantasy Tournament slate and they offer plenty of opportunities given all the players that are going to be out.

Let’s dive right into it!

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Point Guards

Vasilje Micic (13m) from Efes looks to be in a prime position today since Larkin is going to be out and most of his team frontcourt will be out. That means that the scoring load will fall on his shoulders, in a good matchup for his position. He is averaging around 1 point per minute, he is going to play 32+ minutes and his price is lower than it should be.

Nick Calathes (14m) has not been in top form to start the season, but that does not mean that he has been bad. He is averaging 0.86 fpm but tonight he will be in an excellent match up, against an Alba Berlin team that likes to run and score.

Kevin Pangos (12m) is another good choice and he is probably going to be low owned since Zenit is starting to play again after 3 weeks off due to COVID 19 related issues. He looked to be in top form in the domestic game on Saturday and I expect this to continue tonight.

Shooting Guards

Krunoslav Simon (12m) is in the same excellent spot as his teammate Micic. He is priced low, he is going to play 30+ minutes and he is going to have a lot of usage. If you want to go cheaper you can use Rodrigue Beaubois (10.5m). Not the same upside as Simon but he will also see an uptick in usage.

Another duo that I like a lot is Billy Baron (10m) and KC Rivers (9m) from Zenit. Both projects similarly for me and are in a very good spot match up wise and their price is very reasonable.

Other shooting guards that I would consider rostering are Marcus Eriksson (9.9m) and Tyler Dorsey (10m).

Small Forwards

I don’t have a lot to say about this position.

I am going to have my shares of Rokas Giedraitis because he is in very good form and I cannot ignore that plus he is playing a lot of minutes.

Other than that I am going to share my exposure to players like Charles Kahudi (9.8m), Mateusz Pontika (8.5m), and Simone Fontecchio (10m) hoping to be on the one that is going to play well tonight.

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Power Forward

Mirotic (14.9m) is a stud in Euroleague Fantasy, so I will try to make some lineups with him, although the price is too high.

I do not know what more Achille Polonara needs to do to get a higher price but 10.8 for someone that averages 29.4 fantasy points per game and is playing close to 30 minutes, is too low.

With Larkin and Sanli out and also Pleiss doubtful, Singleton (8.8m)and Moerman (10.2m) look to be in an excellent position. I expect a bump up in minutes for both of them and although their production has not been there this year (0.56 and 0.58 fpm so far), they both have higher rates historically (0.68 and 0.83 fpm) so I am hoping that they will start trending towards that direction soon.


Ante Zizic (11m) seems to be in an excellent spot tonight with Dunston out and Pleiss doubtful. He is averaging 1.17 fpm and the only thing that keeps him from having huge nights is his coach, playing only 20 minutes per game. Let’s hope this will change tonight.

Brandon Davies (11.4m) is also in a great matchup, fast-paced game and he is in great form, enough to make his price worth it.

If Tibor Pleiss (9.5m) plays, he will be in my player pool, since he will be the only C available for Efes and he is a very productive player in general.

Moustapha Fall (10.6m) and Othello Hunter (10.5m) will be in my player pool and I will play Tonye Jekiri (9.6m), just because he is facing his old team (revenge narrative)

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That’s all for today.

Good luck and have a great Fantasy Day.