€30K EuroLeague Fantasy Basketball – Season Game – Preview


The new Euroleague season is upon us and tomorrow and it would not be the same without the new EuroLeague Basketball-Season Game!

If you are feeling overwhelmed by all the transfers-it’s been a while since we had basketball in Europe-the new rosters and coaches, don’t worry.

We are here to help you out, with our season-long projections and some player tips coming out of them, to help you build your Euroleague Fantasy team.

Let’s go !

Point Guards

The 2 guards’ positions have been historically the highest producers of fantasy points and the Point Guards are the first, so as you can understand it is a very important position for your fantasy roster.

There are some great names to choose from here.

James, Calathes and Larkin need no introduction to basketball fans and Euroleague Basketball Managers.

They have been providing high returns for years now and this year is not gonna be any different.

They are also very expensive so it would be very difficult fitting 2 of them into your team, so we need to search for values in the lower salary tiers.

Wilbekin is an interesting option but he is playing for a Maccabi team that is loaded with quality players and his per-minute fantasy points production is below 1, so he is not a lock for me.

In his price range (14m) I would prefer to go to Kostas Sloukas, who is going to be the #1 option in a team that is willing to hand him over the keys of its offense.

Going even lower, Pierre Jackson and Lorenzo Brown seem to be very good options for their price.

Both are in great situations that they can be the main ball handlers of their clubs and are going to see a lot of minutes on the floor.

They are both good fantasy points producers (1.02 and 1 respectively) and seem to be a good value for their money.

Shooting Guards

Well, when we are talking about Euroleague Fantasy shooting guards , we are talking about Alexey Shved.

He has 1.17 fantasy points per minute for his career and is going to shoot as much as he wants to do.

This position always has surprises and there are always players that breakout during the season, so don’t be afraid to take a chance on players, if you think that they are worth it.

Austin Hollins, Elijah Bryant, Tyler Dorsey are just some of the names that intrigue me at the moment and I am sure that we would see more surprise names here.

Small Forwards

The position that produces the least points in Euroleague Fantasy (and in European Fantasy Leagues in general, to be honest) is the Small Forward position.

With that being said, it does not mean that we cannot find some excellent players and great fantasy producers.

Omri Casspi and Will Clyburn were both top fantasy producers last season but had season ending injuries.

Casspi has no return timetable still but Clyburn is an option since he will be playing.

Rokas Giedraitis would be my top choice though, especially if we consider the price.

He is a very good fantasy points per-minute producer for the position, would be playing for a team that plays fast (he is already averaging 28.9 fantasy points in the ACB league in 3 games this season).

Other players I would consider would be Jannis Timma, Adam Hanga, Niels Giffey and Howard Sant-Roos.

Power Forward

Nikola Mirotic and Tornike Shengelia are two steady Euroleague Fantasy producers but they are priced higher for that reason.

I would like at least one of these two in my team because I do believe that they would be producing points at a high rate.

Going down in salary, Luke Sikma, Jonas Jerebko, Derrick Williams, Will Thomas, Anthony Randolph, Trey Thompkins seem like excellent choices also and if you want to take some risks,

I would suggest giving strong consideration to players like Kostas Mitoglou, Livio Jean Charles and Louis Labeyrie, as they are very good fantasy producers per-minute but they need to earn their minutes on the floor.


The Center is a tricky position since we have only 1 center that we can choose from.

Should we go with the high-end choices like Jan Vesely, Greg Monroe, Walter Tavares, Nikola Milutinov, Bryant Dunston?

All great Euroleague Fantasy producers but at the same time, risky choices due to their injury concerns, foul trouble, and new situations to adapt to.

Or, should we go with someone cheaper like Bojan Dubljevic, Jordan Mickey, Mike Tobey, but also have great per-minute productions?

We could even go for rookies in the Euroleague, but proven fantasy producers in other leagues, like Jalen Reynolds or Hassan Martin.

All excellent choices but having only 1 position makes it a tough decision.

General Tips

  • In European basketball, there are not set rotations like in the NBA, so predictions are tougher, so if you have a gut feeling about someone, go for it.
  • Also, there are not consistent injury reports, so a player might suddenly not play and you would know it right before the start of the game, so make sure to have someone, at least serviceable in the substitute position.
  • Remember, this is a season-long league, so plan ahead, don’t make decisions based on the gameweek only.

That’s all for now, please don’t hesitate to leave a question in the comment section or at our telegram group.

Good luck and let’s have a great Euroleague Fantasy season!